Why become an owner? Because ownership has its benefits…

Ozark Natural Foods Co-op is a community-owned cooperative that is dedicated to the benefit of its owners, most of whom live in Northwest Arkansas. The investment you make in Co-op ownership capitalizes the store, just as buying stocks provides operating capital for typical publicly owned corporations. You can be a fully invested owner for $140; pay in full, or take advantage of our no-fee payment plan of just $20 per year for seven years. Investments are fully refundable to owners who move or leave The Co-op for any reason. While anyone can shop at the Co-op, our owners are special to us. Owners can vote for Board of Directors members, enjoy food and community at the Annual Owners Meeting and other events, and take advantage of special owner benefits and discounts.

Lisa Garrett is the Owner Services Coordinator. She has served the Co-op for 5 years in several capacities including Front End Manager. She handles all Owner questions/complaints/suggestions and is always available to talk to owners. You can contact Lisa via phone at 479.521.7558 or by email: lisa@onf.coop.

Become an Owner

If you would like to become an owner, sign up at the Owner Services Desk or at any cash register in the store.

2013 Owner Survey Results

To view the results from the 2013 Owner Survey, go here.