Staff Local Favorites

Our staff wanted to tell you what our favorite local products are! Try some of these out for yourself!

Front End

Lindsay – Birth Song Botanicals

Alex – Ozark Greeting Cards

Crista – Ozark Pasture Beef


Emily – La Luna Mineral Foundation & Squalane Oil


Amber – Ozark Alternatives Garlic Scapes

Barry – Dr. Feelgood Wheat Grass Shots

Jerry – My Brother’s Garden Salsa

Billy – Billy Boykin Honey


Avril – Shaggy’s Hot Salsa

Drew – Dixie Flower Rosemary w/ Tea tree Soap

Carrie – Dripping Springs Garden Flowers


James C. – Shaggy’s Hot Salsa

Laurell – Biotech Vitamin D3

Mary – Uchumon bulk Curry and Cajun seasonings

Dylan – Uncle Jim’s Soaps (especially oatmeal, tea tree, and sulfur)


Pauline – Sweden Creek Shiitake Mushrooms

Barry – Sweden Creek Shiitake Mushrooms

Nicki – Mustard Greens

Stephen – Cucumbers

Michael – Blake Kale

A la Carte

Rachel - A la Carte house-made pizza

Shane – Tomatoes

Marketing & Owner Services

Lisa – Stonemill Jalapeno Three Cheese Bread

Heather – Villines Farm Eggs

Owen – Mountain Bird Costa Rican Coffee


Gary – Good Moon Lemongrass Soap

Jerry – Little Portions Monastery Eggs

David – Stonemill French Bread