Ozark Natural Foods is committed to a healthy, sustainable way of life. We support the community and your health with whole foods, natural health and beauty supplies, and sustainably produced gifts and household items. We bring to Northwest Arkansas locally grown produce, natural baby products, gluten-free and vegan dietary choices, grass-finished beef, fair-trade coffee, organic cotton clothing, creative gifts from around the world, and kitchen ware for healthy cooking.

We evaluate every product that The Co-op sells with your health in mind.

Our Standards of Quality

We evaluate each and every product that the Co-op sells.

We stand behind the principle of not carrying Genetically Modified foods in the store. To find out more about GMOs, check out this Non-GMO Shopping Guide.

All products sold in the store are free of

  • artificial preservatives
  • artificial colors
  • artificial flavors
  • artificial sweeteners
  • chemical additives
  • added monosodium glutamate (MSG)*

and are

  • non-irradiated
  • organically grown and locally sourced whenever possible

*certain products contain naturally occuring MSG.