Deli & Produce Remodel

Deli & Produce Remodel

a la carteOur Deli and Produce areas are going to undergo a remodel and renaming beginning January 7th! The Deli will be fully revamped and will be named À La Carte, and our Produce department will add a new cooler to include cut fruits and vegetables. Here’s a note from our Operations Coordinator, Matthew on the construction:

While our beloved Deli has kept us filled and satisfied over the years and our Produce department has continually provided a level of outstanding quality we have come to expect, we recognize it is time for a face lift. In order to better serve our owners and the community, the Deli and Produce departments are undergoing a substantial remodeling project that will effectively improve both their appearance and functionality.

We are absolutely thrilled at the idea of being able to improve our continuing dedication to bringing you the freshest and highest quality products around. Though, as with any major renovation, some temporary inconveniences are bound to arise. While we are doing our utmost to minimize the effects this project may have on our owners, visitors and day to day operations, we acknowledge that a project of this size will inevitably affect us all to some degree.

Beginning January 7th, our Deli will be temporarily closed. Consequently, our salad and hot food bar, along with our Grab & Go options, will be unavailable. We apologize for any  inconvenience this may cause you or any interruptions this may have on your normal routines, but after careful consideration we have realized that closing the Deli during this remolding period is a necessity and the only way to ensure that we continue to provide you with products that do not violate the Co-op’s and our owners’ standard of quality. We desire for this process to be as painless as possible for everyone involved, so in the absence of our prepared selections, our Grocery department will be offering special deals and discounts on a number of alternative options. À La Carte’s tentative open date is set for Valentine’s Day—just in time for a romantic dinner for two with all the delicious options À La Carte will offer!

Additionally, our Produce department will experience a temporary set back while their preparation area is being reconfigured. However, we believe that through careful planning and consideration, we have developed several measures that will alleviate most, if not all,  interferences concerning our produce selection through this time. Our wonderful Produce department is going to work tirelessly to provide an ample selection that, again, meets or  exceeds our standards of quality.

Moreover, as a result of the magnitude of this project, some common effects of construction may be felt and seen throughout the store during this time. Some walls are to be removed, while others are to be built, and the dry wall material required for this process inevitably will create some dust. The work area will be sealed off to the best of our capabilities, and all of our products will be covered at the appropriate times so as not to violate their integral quality. However, dry wall dust can be very fine and unfortunately can hang around in the air longer than we would like. We want to make sure that our customers are aware of this possible inconvenience which, to the best of our knowledge, should not be an issue for more than four days.

We are looking into installing a seamless epoxy floor system throughout the Deli and Produce areas. Rest assured that if we do that installation, we will only use completely non toxic materials, and any detectable smells are not harmful in any way, shape or form to either you and our products. We thank you ahead of time for your understanding and patience during this process, and we look forward to the opportunity to better serve you.

The following are two architect drawings portraying what the new Deli, which will be named À La Carte, will look like.

Facing À La Carte from the hot bar area:

deli render 1

Facing À La Carte from the Produce area:

deli render 2

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  1. Marie Kilgore says:

    I understand there is another method instead of sanding dry drywall compound: using a damp/wet drywall sponge. Then there is no dust!
    It’s worth a try!

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