America Recycles Week: Closing the R3 Loop

America Recycles Week: Closing the R3 Loop

Do you know what happens to your glass, plastic, and aluminum when you recycle them? Companies purchase these commodities and sell them back to other companies to turn back into glass bottles, plastic bottles and yogurt cups, and more aluminum cans. However, there are other products that you can purchase that help close the loop.

Many of these products use recycled materials as a replacement for their “virgin” counter parts. For instance, toilet paper that is made from recycled paper doesn’t use trees that have been grown and cut for paper production. There are many other paper products that are made from recycled paper including: tissue, paper towels, and napkins. Preserve Toothbrushes are made from recycled yogurt cups. Preserve will even take your old toothbrushes and turn them into park benches! There is even recycled aluminum foil and trash bags made from recycled plastic are available now from several different companies.

By supporting these businesses that are creating a market for the recycling industry, we collectively increase the demand for products made from recycled materials. This is the way that we close the loop.

At Ozark Natural Foods we carry many of these items that close the loop including: Preserve toothbrushes and razors, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and trash bags. Please consider these products as they are just as good as their non-recycled counterparts and they help clean up the environment!

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  1. I love these toothbrushes! They are economical AND earth-friendly.

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