Staff Spotlight – Kevin Eib

Staff Spotlight – Kevin Eib

Meet our resident pizza guru, and all around nice guy, Kevin Eib:

1. What department do you work in, and for how long?
I have worked in the Deli for three months.

2. What is your favorite product in the store?
Right now my favorite product is the Field Day Organic Apple Juice but I’m making new discoveries regularly.

3. What do you enjoy about your job at ONF?
I enjoy the dialogue around food and food preparation from both coworkers and customers. Making the perfect pizza is like drawing a perfect circle – the joy comes from the pursuit. I enjoy being able to serve beautiful, tasty natural food.

4. What are you passionate about, what are your hobbies?
I’m passionate about community and storytelling. Especially if it involves drag, dance, experimental theatre and/or the visual arts. These days, I’ve been writing more than anything. I also like making curiosas, painting found hubcaps, designing my own greeting cards and baking pies.

5. What inspires you?
Walking inspires me. Whether it’s along a sidewalk or trail, through the woods, with or without a destination; walking allows my mind to either wrap itself around something that’s been bothering me or unwind to let the world go for awhile. No path is ever the same twice.

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