Baby Chickens!

Baby Chickens!

Good afternoon everyone! This is Pauline filling in to inform you about the baby chickens we have available for purchase from our Farm and Garden Department. We still have some baby chicks available for those wanting them for their own city backyard flock or for those who would like to replace a few older chickens not be laying as many eggs anymore. Each chick is $4.99/ea and will be delivered on Saturday, April 28th after 1pm in the Ozark Natural Feeds store. Everyone who places an order will receive a free bucket of organic starter chicken feed.

To reserve your chickens, please visit our Owner Service Desk in the front of the store. Six chicks is the minimum order per person. (If this is more than you would like, or if you have any other questions, please call or e-mail myself,

There will be several varieties available including Cherry Egger, Gold Sex Link, Black Australorp, Production Black, Ameraucana and Partridge Rock. Here is some brief information, provided by Green Fork Farms about these breeds:

  • Cherry Egger: dark red hens, very efficient, high production layers of brown eggs.
  • Gold Sex Link: light red hens, excellent layers of brown eggs. Bred for high, efficient egg production and excellent livability.
  • Black Australorp: hens are black with greenish sheen, excellent layer of brown eggs. One of the hardiest of all breeds.
  • Production Black: hen feathering varies but is mostly silver barred. Excellent quality large white eggs add variety to your egg cartons.
  • Ameraucana: also called Easter egg chickens, each individual hen produces blue, green, pink, or light brown eggs. Hens have feathers around their faces that form muffs and beards. They can be gray, brown, black, white, or red.
  • Partridge Rock: this rare breed has a unique and beautiful plumage pattern, reddish-bay with black penciling. Medium sized bird with a quiet disposition. Good layer of brown eggs.

The birds will only be a few days old upon arrival so they will need to be kept in a warm place in your house or backyard until they are old enough to live without supplemental heat. Caring for chickens is very easy and we will provide a packet of instructions for constructing a simple coop and how to care for chickens. Also, Cheri LaRue of Green Fork Farm will be available to offer advice and tips on raising poultry after 1pm on Saturday, April 28th when you come to pick up your chickens.

Raising animals is a wonderful and rewarding experience. For me, keeping chickens is a way to connect with my food source. And it feels great to go out to my coop every morning and gather some fresh eggs for breakfast! I encourage anyone who has thought about it to give it a try.  Thanks everyone, have a great week!


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2 Responses to Baby Chickens!

  1. Tiffany says:

    As soon as the chicken laws change in Springdale I will buy some. Until then, I guess I’ll just have chicken envy.

  2. I’m not sure if you live in a subdivision but if you don’t it looks like you could keep a few birds there in Springdale, here are the regulations I looked up:
    Everyone should have their own eggs!

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