Pizza Pizza Pizza!

Pizza Pizza Pizza!

Recently, pizza has come under a lot of scrutiny after it was labeled as a “vegetable” for school lunches. I am here to announce that Pizza is my all-time favorite food! 

It doesn’t have to be pre-packaged and processed with no real vegetables. Pizza can be a wonderful food with organic tomato sauce, great cheeses, and a myriad of toppings. My current favorite is chicken, bacon, garlic, red onion, and bell pepper. Tomato sauce isn’t even necessary; try pesto or just olive oil as a base. 

Grab some fresh mozzarella from our cheese section, a pound of fresh pizza dough from our Deli, and wonderful organic veggies from produce and you have a quick and tasty dinner for under $20. 

Want to be adventurous? Try pancetta to replace bacon as a topping or our fresh seitan as a vegetarian meat substitute. Not enough time to make your own? Order one from us!

Seriously, pizza is (in my opinion) the perfect food!

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