Introducing Ozark Natural Feeds!

Introducing Ozark Natural Feeds!

Ozark Natural Foods is proud to announce that we are now selling organic chicken feed, and that we are the only supplier of organic feed in the State of Arkansas and in the region!

Ozark Natural Feeds sales began on Wednesday, March 9 and take place at the lower loading dock on the north side of the Co-op. Hours of operation are Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sales are open to both owners and guest shoppers.

“The process started when one of our owners, and also a local farmer, told us about Thayer Feed in Southeastern Kansas,” said Produce Manager Pauline Thiessen. “Thayer mills, sells and distributes organic feeds of all types. We visited their operation, and the staff were so incredibly helpful that we were able to devise a simple, low-tech way to begin selling feed out of our basement.”

Here’s a quick Ozark Natural Feeds tutorial:

How it works:
Keeping sustainability in mind, there is no packaging. Bring empty containers (trash cans, metal drums, plastic buckets, etc) to the loading dock. Staff will then place the container on our scale, deduct the weight of the container, weigh the amount of feed you choose, then load it into your vehicle. You will be given a ticket with the amount and type of feed, to be paid at the Owner Services Desk inside the store.

Types of feed:
There are four: Starter, Grower, Layer and Scratch. Ingredients for the Layer, Grower and Starter are: corn, roasted soybeans, oats, alfalfa, milo, calcium and a poultry nutritional balancer (a collection of vitamins and minerals that chickens need). The Scratch has only oats, corn and milo. All ingredients are organic.

Prices: Grower and Starter:47 cents/lb, Layer: 42 cents/lb, Scratch: 35 cents/lb.

“This is an example of what makes a co-op a co-op—-we realized, from talking to many of our owners, that our community had a real need for access to organic feed. With time and effort, Ozark Natural Foods was able to address that need,” said Thiessen.

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5 Responses to Introducing Ozark Natural Feeds!

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  3. A concerned farmer says:

    Most certified organic chicken feed typically uses a synthetic, powdered protein manufactured in a lab. Could you please clarify for us what is in these rations in terms of protein content and just where exactly that protein content comes from?

    Thank you

  4. Alexa says:

    Starter: 21.47%
    Grower: 20.01%
    Layer: 17.32%
    Scratch: 9%

    The protein in our organic chicken feed comes from the ingredients that each has (which is listed in the above blog). Only those ingredients are included in each type of feed. For example: Starter has a higher percentage of alfalfa and soy beans, which gives it a higher protein count. Layer has a higher amount of corn, which has less protein.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

  5. donald says:

    thank you for providing this service. :-)

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